Cat Grooming

Cat Grooming

We are Cat Grooming specialists and our staff have achieved the Certificate of Competence in Cat Grooming.

The cats coat is its most admired feature therefore having it groomed regularly is very beneficial. If it becomes matted or dull it is important to have it groomed as soon as possible.

At Dogs Delight we specialise in cat grooming without sedation, working for short periods of time, guided by the cat's temperament and allowing for rest in between each session.

Most matts can be combed out but in the most severe cases, clipping off may be the only option.

Cat Grooming includes:

  • Total removal of matts
  • Nail clipping
  • Ear cleaning
  • Bathing (if absolutely necessary)

Whilst it is possible to groom most cats, if the cat is very aggressive or easily stressed we recommend sedated grooming by a vet.

Cat Grooming is from £70.

If you would like to learn to groom your own cat or learn how to groom all cats we offer Cat Grooming Courses.

Courses cover:

  • Removal unwanted hair, matting and debris of all coat types
  • Clipping very matted coats
  • Washing and drying
  • Preventative measures to reduce matting and fur balls which can cause intestinal blockages
  • Health checking of cats

For cat owners, the course offers a good bonding experience and will leave you with the knowlege of how to maintain your cats coat and future matting.